Attention Business Owners of BC

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The province of British Columbia has now entered into one of the darkest and most dangerous times of it’s history in regards to liberty and freedom, and the onus of which is going to be placed squarely on the shoulders of business owners.  Simply going along with the “orders” being dictated by the federal, provincial and municipal levels of government is not going to work out in the favour of business owners.

I am an owner and operator of multiple businesses in British Columbia, and I have sought legal advice from both my lawyer and the Human Rights Commission regarding any legal complications that could arise from complaints filed against me if I ask to see someone’s “V-Pass” and subsequently deny them entry or service. The facts that I have been given are alarming and should serve as a dire warning to every business owner in the province, and the country.

Here are the facts:

If you choose to discriminate against someone based off of medical condition, race, sex, religion, or in this case – of not having an “illegal” V-Pass, then you as the business owner are liable for thousands of dollars in fines and court costs.

The British Columbia Provincial Gov’t or the Canadian Federal Gov’t cannot intervene in a dispute between a person(s) and business or businesses.

A business stating that they are just “following the government mandate” (which are technically illegal at this point, and untested in court) is not a valid defense or reason to deny access or service.

Upon any complaint that is filed to the Human Rights Commission against your business, you as the business owner will be asked to explain why you discriminated.

The government will NOT help small businesses defend the matter (which should also make you question why all of the big franchise and fast food restaurants have been given a pass – so far).

You as the business owner will eventually be fined and have to pay all legal costs including damages under the current provincial and federal laws.

Once again, there will be NO LEGAL PROTECTION offered by the government for you and your businesses.

You are strongly encouraged to do your own research and to seek legal council.  None of the information included in this post is intended to serve as legal advice.

Contact your BIA, lawyer or the Human Rights Commission (1-888-214-1090) for your own due diligence.