Standing Up Against Discrimination

Published by Daniel on

Canadian businesses and their respective business owners are being strong-armed by a tyrannical government into discriminating against Canadian citizens, dividing them into two segregated classes based upon private medical information.  Everyday there are more and more Canadians who are waking up to this massive overreach by government, and they are taking a stand against this clear breach of our trust and privacy.

Racism is abhorred and outlawed in this country, and yet now there is a clear and distinct discrimination being made against people based on the status and upkeep of their vaccination status against the SARS‑CoV‑2 virus that allegedly causes Covid-19 disease.

Business owners are being told that they must violate standing privacy laws and human rights by collecting personal and private medical information from potential customers, and then openly discriminating against those customers based upon a purported medical diagnosis that must be publicly displayed in order to gain access to businesses.

Canadian business owners are standing up against this discrimination.

Canadian Rights Matter will soon be launching a private business directory on our website that will be open to any and all businesses who wish to advertise their non-discriminatory business to all our of members.

We will soon also be selling an assortment of products (hats, t-shirts, bumper stickers, business decals, bags and even flags) to help promote this great cause for a free world, one that is especially free from racism and medical discrimination.

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