Fight the Censorship, Get Informed!

Published by Daniel on

It is no secret that there is a massive amount of censorship happening on the internet these days, whether the topic is about the pandemic, vaccines, elections, or the ongoing debacle happening in Afghanistan and the middle east. For many people, the amount of news happening on a daily basis is overwhelming, and yet for most, the sources of the information that they are consuming is severely restricted to the mainstream media and government sanctioned news outlets.

For those who are actively seeking out or publishing content on social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, it quickly becomes apparent that if the official narrative is not being adhered to, those channels which promote an alternative side of the story quickly disappear under blanket bans or suspensions.  This censorship only adds more fuel to the fire and proves that we are quickly descending into a tyrannical state in which free speech is rapidly being outlawed.

Finding alternative news sources is becoming more and more challenging, as is finding ways to disseminate and share this information.  Sign up for a free lifetime membership today and log in to the members section to access and share some valuable sources of alternative news and communications mediums.

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